Birds of Hope Partner Letter #1-August 2011

  • Dear Birds of Hope Partners,

    Thank you so much for helping us celebrate our one year anniversary and your partnership with Birds of Hope!  Your support, encouragement, and prayers is truly a blessing.  We are looking forward to sharing this journey with you and bringing hope to Zambia!

    Birds of Hope’s first year supporting Active:Water and the people of Zambia was incredible.  God’s direction and presence was evident every step of the way!  Birds of Hope will continue to seek God’s plan through this upcoming year. Our plan is to keep you informed of all praise reports and prayer requests.

    Praise Reports:

    1. The month of September was filled with opportunities to share about the water crisis in Zambia, Africa!

    *I shared with a missions group from Springhead Baptist in Plant City where my dad and I ate  dinner with them and shared the Zambia Song video.

    *At the Central Florida District Church of the Nazarene Kids’ Missions Jamboree, Birds of Hope was one of the four stations for the kids to learn about missions around the world.

    *During the Central Florida District Church of the Nazarene Youth Wow Lock-in, I shared the story of Birds of Hope and encouraged the teens to be Kingdom Workers.

    With all three events, we raised almost $1,000 for clean water!

    2. Evolutionary Screen Printing & Embroidery blessed us again!!!  We received another generous shipment of Birds of Hope t-shirts.  Many colors, many sizes :)   The t-shirts have been a wonderful way to spread the story of Zambia!

    3. Special thanks to all who have donated their time, talents, and connections this month!  You all are a blessing!

    4. We have continued to receive many e-mails and letters each week with new orders from all over North America and even an order from Finland!

    Prayer Requests:

    1. People of Zambia to receive clean water, hope for a better life, and most importantly Jesus Christ!

    2. Upcoming Events in November:

    1st Friday Artisan Market in downtown Lakeland (November 4)

    Schalamar Creek Craft Fair (November 5)

    The Fancy Flea Market in downtown Lakeland (November 12)

    3. To use my time wisely (balancing my new highschool schedule with making birds)

    4. For fast fingers!!! :)

    Thanks for spreading hope one bird at a time!

    Birds of Hope :)

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