Birds of Hope Partner Letter #2-February 2012

  • Dear Birds of Hope Partners,

    God has continued to guide Birds of Hope on this amazing journey!  We are so thankful for your prayers and support.  Since our last partnership update, we have been blessed with more opportunities to participate in markets where we have shared the need for clean water in Zambia, Africa.  The holiday season kept us on our toes; each day with new mail orders and sweet letters of encouragement!

    This new year of 2012 has brought new opportunities for Birds of Hope.  Active:Water is not only bringing hope to Zambia, Africa but Cambodia, Southeast Asia as well!  Please check out their website to learn about the people of Cambodia.  We also have a new opportunity to work with Nazarene Compassionate Ministries this year with their clean water projects in Bangladesh, Swaziland, and Haiti.  In addition, we were recently told of a need for a well in Ethiopia by an organization called Doma International that we would like to support.  We feel blessed and honored for these new opportunities. God is continuing to give us direction and we are excited for His plan!

    Prayer Requests:

    *For all the people of these countries around the world who need clean water and hope in Jesus Christ!

    *For the work of Active:Water, Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, and Doma International

    *For upcoming events which Birds of Hope can participate in to support clean water projects

    *For the chance to share Jesus Christ with the people who support us along this journey

    *For a balanced schedule, fast fingers, and a happy heart :)

    With our new opportunities, we will be changing all our ribbons to read, “Hope,” but providing different information cards for each organization.

    Special thanks to Susan Carnley for being so faithful with the embroidery of the ribbons and to C.E Design for their continued creative commitment!

    Bird Alert:  Birds of Hope will be traveling to Zambia, Africa this summer with Christ In Youth and Active:Water!  We are so thankful for this amazing opportunity and would appreciate your prayer support for this trip.

    Spreading hope one bird at a time!

    Birds of Hope Team :)

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