Birds of Hope Partner Letter #3 – July 2013

  • July 25, 2013

    Dear Birds of Hope Friends,

    As the three-year anniversary of Birds of Hope approaches, I wanted to take the time to recap this wonderful journey and thank you all for your amazing support to this mission.  Many of you know that this adventure began with a leap of faith at a Christ In Youth Engage camp.  There, at camp, I was encouraged to become a Kingdom Worker by using my talents to help others in need and bringing glory to God through my actions.  God also opened my eyes and my heart to a country half way around the world called Zambia, Africa, a nation struggling in poverty without access to clean water.  God was calling me to be a Kingdom Worker for the people of Zambia, Africa and I answered.  By sewing fabric bird ornaments and selling them for $5 each, my friend, Allyson, and I created Birds of Hope to raise funds for Active: Water.  The Active: Water team provides the people of Zambia with clean water and hope for a better future.  Our first goal was $500, but little did we know that God had bigger plans for Birds of Hope than we could have ever dreamed.

    With my simple obedience, God began to use me to raise awareness and funds for the water crisis in Zambia.  He guided me every step of the way and allowed my story to inspire others.  Most importantly, He brought together a team of people who were willing to encourage, support, and pray for Birds of Hope.  Each one of you has pitched in to help out with our mission of clean water and hope around the world.  You have used your own unique talents to support and expand Birds of Hope.  Some of you have given your time, money and fabric scraps, while others have given advice and used their connections to spread the word.  Countless markets, festivals and speaking engagements have produced the most awesome memories and friendships that I will always cherish. You have each blessed Birds of Hope in such a special way and I’m so appreciative to share a relationship with all of you.

    This time has given me a chance to look back at all the wonderful memories and experiences that God has given me.  I have been truly blessed and changed through this journey.  My faith has grown incredibly and I know that my God is so good!  Now that Birds of Hope has reached the goal of $50,000, God has given me a peace and understanding that it is time to complete this journey.  Birds of Hope has opened up so many doors for me by revealing my passion for missions and education.  I’m looking forward to the next journey that God has for me!  Birds of Hope will always have a special place in my heart as well as the amazing relationships that have formed!

    Spreading hope one bird at a time,

    Emily :)

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