• about           You are now probably wondering what a bio-sand filter or community well is.  Below is some information that will explain what Birds of Hope is working for.

    Bio-sand filter:

    A bio-sand filter is a water filtration system that costs only $80 to serve approximately 15 people.  Water is poured through the top of the system.  It passes through sand, which creates a food chain to eat away all the bad bacteria and contamination.  Once the water has flowed through the whole system, it comes out crystal clear!  Bio-sand filters are saving Zambian lives!

    Community well:

    A community well provideds a whole village with clean water for $4,500 to $18,000, depending on the area.  They will last for 15-20 years!  These wells are usually pumped by hand.  If a well is installed in a community, no longer would those Zambian women have to walk on foot several miles to get dirty water.   They would only have to stroll to the center of town to get clean, healthy water!

    *Active:Water not only provides bio-sand filters and community wells, but also hygiene training, medical care, and improved sanitation projects.